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Sammie O'Neal, LPC

Alaska License Professional Counselor, MA

LPC #170089

“This information is required by The Board of Licensed Professional Counselors which regulates all licensed Professional Counselors.”

Website Information contact:(


Years in Practice: 14

Degrees: Wayland Baptist University / Master of Arts in Counseling. 2018

Wayland Baptist University / Bachelor Degree in Human Service. 2012

Membership: American Counseling Association

Member Since: 2019


"Consistency and structure is the key to success"


I believe in helping people and bringing awareness to people who struggle with mental health challenges. I hope to motivate and inspire clients to envision more out of their life. 

My journey began growing up in the project called Lincoln Village by a single mother, second oldest of five siblings with two of them being stepsister. I always felt a little out of place by not having a father figure growing up, so I struggle with that throughout my teenage years, plus I felt that there was more to life than the environment I grew up in. I was exposed a little bit to drugs and alcohols but seeing what it was doing to my community, I knew I wanted more out of life. Music and sports were my outlet to help me figure a way out of the project. After graduating from high school, I joined the military. Unsure of what I was signing up for, I just had to take a chance on myself to make things better for myself. So, after 21 years of military service as a diesel engine mechanic and several deployments, I could have chosen a career where I lived very comfortably. Instead, after retirement I decided to choose a career that would be more fulfilling and satisfying to me, and possibly make a difference in someone's life who struggle with their identity, purpose, and daily challenges of this thing called "Life". "See As Me" is my counseling services in hoping people can see that taking a chance on yourself and hold yourself accountable for success and failure, hopefully will make your life a little more manageable. That is where my quote "Consistency and structure is the key to success" comes from. So, let us be successful and supportive of each other.

I am a straightforward and sincere person, who love to see people succeed in anything in life they pursue. I tried to bring a motivational approach providing services using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), with an Eclectic approach. I have been working in this career field since 2010, my experience consist of working in the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program, foster care system, and several residential treatment facilities.

I have lived in Alaska since 2006. I am here for support and education about Mental Health. One of my favorite saying is, " I would like to make Mental Health cool". I specialized in working with At-Risk youth and adults who have experienced traumatic events or working through challenging issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, Grief and Loss, and drugs and alcohol addiction. 

Ready to start changing your life? 

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